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Hey there! I'm Lisa Nemec, your friendly neighborhood real estate pro, serving the vibrant areas of Baltimore, Harford, and Anne Arundel County. With over a decade of experience in the real estate community, I'm proud to be part of the awesome Pomfrey Team. You know, real estate runs deep in my blood. I was practically raised with a 'For Sale' sign in one hand and a blueprint in the other. Thanks to my entrepreneurial family and my dad, the king of home inspections, I quickly realized that this industry was where I belonged. As your trusty Realtor, I'll be your guide through the exciting rollercoaster of buying and selling properties. Picture me as your personal real estate GPS, navigating you to the perfect home or helping you unlock the full potential of your property. And guess what? I've got a whole arsenal of resources up my sleeve, from lending programs to credit repair, home staging, photography—you name it, I've got your back. But wait, there's more! I've got some serious property management skills too. Balancing tenant needs and landlord requirements? Piece of cake. With my superpowers of communication, negotiation, and problem-solving, I'll make sure everyone lives happily ever after under one roof. The skills from property management and tenant coordination transfers directly into the roles and responsibilities of a Realtor. When I'm not rocking the real estate world, you can find me chilling with my high school sweetheart (yeah, we're still going strong) and our four grown kiddos. We're all about exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Pennsylvania mountains. Hiking trails, chasing waterfalls, and breathing in that fresh mountain air—nature is my happy place. Oh, and let's not forget my furry partners-in-crime—Billie, Jager, and Klaus. They keep life exciting and inspire me to embrace the simple joys. So, whether you're ready to embark on your real estate adventure or just want to chat about the latest home trends, I'm here for you. Let's make this journey fun, stress-free, and maybe even sprinkle in some laughter along the way. Get in touch, and let's turn your real estate dreams into a reality—no capes required!

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