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Jackie Capecci



Before I became a Realtor, I was a professional musician who trained at the Peabody Institute and with the New World Symphony in Miami. I've also shared the stage with Harry Connick, Josh Groban, Dionne Warwick and The Moody Blues. So I know what it means to prepare, collaborate and perform at the highest level.

When I came to real estate, I already had 18 years of experience in property management and maintaining historic properties. I applied the same work ethic I had in the practice room and rehearsal hall to learning how buildings work.

At the Shelter Institute in Woolwich, Maine, I had a crash course in everything from site planning to installing windows to operating a circular saw. Having had the opportunity to participate in building a tiny house from the ground up, I returned with a new appreciation for what's inside the walls of a house.

I love the enduring originality and fine craftsmanship of old architecture. I grew up in Pittsburgh, but the beautiful row houses and distinctive neighborhoods of Baltimore captured me quickly, and for the past 25 years I have called Mount Vernon, Hampden and Roland Park home.

As a city resident, I'm committed to fostering community, particularly through the arts. I am the founder and artistic director of Summer Chamber Music in Roland Park, a free, informal July concert series now in its 10th season.

Playing music requires not only individual skill but also the ability to listen, adjust and change course while in motion. In the quickly changing real estate market, I provide my clients up-to-date information and creative solutions to deal with any challenge.

Buying or selling a house is a major event but it doesn't have to be a stressful one. I’m committed to making your experience a positive one- and helping you feel confident you’ve secured your own stage for your future.

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