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Transaction Coordination from Contract to Close for both Buyer and Seller Clients

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Benefits of Key Transaction Management

Delegation - Do what you do best and leave us the rest:

Why not invest in your business to help it grow and make more money? Most real estate agents get into the business for the thrill of the hunt and negotiations (their 20%) - not processing paperwork (their 80%)! They don’t realize the sheer volume of paperwork that comes with each transaction. For someone who doesn’t enjoy this paperwork, it bogs down their workflow, slows down the speed at which the business is flourishing and even loses money.

Professionalism & Proven Systems:

Through investment in top notch TC management software programs and countless time & money invested into scaling our systems, Key Transaction Management has proven and successful processes in place to track and manage a vast range of services. Our superior customer service and attention to detail allows Key Transaction Management to create a seamless experience for agents and their clients throughout the home sale process.

Low overhead for staffing & Tools:

Bad hires are costly and training an admin is time consuming! Our team has been trained by the best of the best. Save on hiring costs, payroll fees and taxes, and infrastructure costs (software, hardware, desk fees & rent).

No Commitment:

We understand the real estate sales cycle! Our a la carte services allow the agent to use our services as much or as little as they want to with no commitment. With our contract to close services, you only pay for the transactions that settle.

Liz Sweeney

Liz Sweeney

Transaction Coordinator /Owner
Carolyn Stromer

Carolyn Stromer

Licensed Transaction Coordinator