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Jason Lee, a native Marylander, is analytical, talented, focused, driven, detail oriented, industrious, creative, passionate, business savvy, multi-faceted, a problem solver, and keen towards real estate & financial investments. He holds a degree in Business Administration and has worked for a Global Fortune 500 company. Alongside his corporate experience, he has over 10 years experience in real estate sales, leasing, development, acquisitions, construction, and property management. In addition to his own career he has assisted with launching and operating his family owned retail stores and restaurants from a young teenager and is where he began his hands on experience, training, learning about business and entrepreneurship, and developing his passion and skill sets.

In his early twenties, he had the opportunity to live, work, and study abroad in South Korea. While living abroad, he served as an ESL teacher and taught English to kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school students. Also, while living in South Korea, he had the opportunity to assist his family as an integral part in a multi-million dollar commercial real estate project with acquisitions, subdivision, and development of a large parcel of family owned land located near Seoul, South Korea into a mixed-use building including commercial space and residential apartments.

Currently, Jason is a licensed Realtor and is a real estate investor in which he owns, invests, and manages properties with his team. He is also the founder of a real estate services company which specializes in property management, tenant placement, investment consultation, and acquisitions. With his dynamic work history, tough upbringing, personality, and experiences combined with his acute business acumen, he will help mentor and navigate you through tough and stressful real estate transactions while making sure he has your best interests in mind. He is an excellent negotiator and with his experience in construction and RE investments, he not only views properties with a Realtor’s view but also a contractor’s and investor’s view which is crucial when dealing with home inspections, home inspection repairs, property management, rental & investment properties, foreclosures, short sales, rehabs, and etc. He is very creative and thinks differently (outside the box) which is crucial when structuring deals, putting contracts & offers together, and when negotiating. Over the past decade he has built his entire business relying on just referrals and networking staying true to his beliefs and morals aspiring success through honesty, integrity, trust, ability, experience, with extraordinary results and not relying on fancy marketing.

Aside from his professional and personal achievements he enjoys giving back to the community by helping build homes for low income families with Habitat for Humanity, help feeding the homeless, and serving at his local churches. In his free time, he is an avid traveler who has been to: England, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Japan, China, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Canada. He enjoys business, stock markets, real estate, current events, electronics, computers, architecture, cooking, dining, song writing, music, playing the guitar, fashion, art, skiing, tennis, golf (driving range), basketball, working out, fishing, camping, photography, and automobiles.

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"Jason is the best! Not only did he help my wife and I successfully navigate the highly competitive housing market - he was able to expertly negotiate the price and terms we wanted with the sellers and their agent. In addition to being an exemplar agent, he's a great teacher. For example, Jason patiently educated and guided my wife and I through the entire home buying/home ownership process (e.g., Read MoreRead Less
"Jason Lee is the best real estate agent I have ever hired. Jason made me feel like I am his sole client, he returns my calls/txt/emails right away, when he is unavailable he will let me know when he will return my call, he never left me hanging regardless what is going on in his private life. This was my first time purchasing a new build home he made it stress free for me. He accompanied me duringRead MoreRead Less
"Jason was great. We used him as a property manager for a number of years, and when it came to selling the house it seemed like a natural fit. He found us a buyer before the house went on the market and was able to get us a price that I genuinely didn't think we would get. Selling a house, especially in Baltimore, is always annoying, but I'd be at a loss to think of anything he could have done bettRead MoreRead Less
"A good realtor knows the area like the back of their hand and can tell you all about the location and the surrounding areas. Shopping, food, amenities, neighborhood etc...these are all areas a good realtor like Jason knows very well. However, a great realtor knows all that plus a great deal about homes. Jason has an incredible amount of knowledge about homes inside and out. From exterior walls andRead MoreRead Less
"Jason has been representing me as a property manager and a realtor for the past 5 years now. He and his team have been managing dozens of my investment properties and helped renovated them as well. They are the best management company I have ever used in the 25 years in the Real Estate business. The attention to detail, efficiency, accuracy, hard work, promptness, availability, trust, and quality Read MoreRead Less
"Jason worked with me through the purchase of a new home and sale of my existing home. Jason brought the buyer before listing my house for sale. So, it sold very quickly for close to my asking price. He is knowledgeable about real estate market and excellent negotiator. We purchase a new home 20K less than listing price in Ellicott City, MD. He guided us through the entire process and helped every Read MoreRead Less