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I am a full-time real estate agent with over nineteen years of experience and have lived for over forty years in the Baltimore area. In an industry where consumers often see real estate agents in the same light as used car salesmen and personal injury attorneys, I strive at every juncture of my relationship with clients to let them know that I'm a professional, that the information I'm providing them is objective and that my actions are in their interests at all times; that trust is so important to ensuring a happy transaction and is the essence of any good business. I tell my clients that if there is something I like about a house, they will know about it and, similarly, if there is something I don't like, they will know about it. I try to put my clients in the right direction and then step back after I make my suggestions, letting them know that the decision and the happiness with that choice is ultimately theirs.

I love working with first-time home buyers! My fifteen years as an advertising photographer honed my innate attention to detail, and both buyers (and sellers) seem to love that trait. With buyers, I slow them down and teach them how to look at a house from top to bottom for possible issues. I always have a flashlight with me to illuminate dark corners or to point out interesting aspects. At the end of the transaction, whether they are first-time or eleventh-time purchasers, I want them to walk away from the sale with far more knowledge than they started.

For sellers, I provide a detailed and formal recommendation list of all of the aspects that I see that can present obstacles to the sale. Because I work with so many buyers, sellers find it helpful to have their house assessed as seen through the eyes of a diligent buyers' agent. Thoroughness is one of the hallmarks of my business practice. I apply my former skills as a photographer to good use and put a huge effort into ensuring that my listing photography is publication-ready and suitable for a magazine. As a former photographer, I excelled at composition, color and depth, and have a refined sense of style that can help a home appeal to a broader market.

I also help with de-cluttering homes that are in dire need of organization, and can enhance the simplicity and flow. Once the preliminary work has been completed, I spend a day shooting the house and come equipped with professional studio strobes, lighting every room and prepping them to make sure that they're camera-ready. I want the house to look bright and natural to draw in buyers who are looking on the internet, and adjust my lighting to achieve this look. I also do close-up photography of all of the cool, easily-missed details that are part of the personality of a home. Throughout the whole process, I try to keep it fun for my clients. Buying or selling a home can be stressful, but a good sense of humor can make the rough spots easier. Sometimes, we encounter humor at homes whether we're looking for it or not!

I graduated with a degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University and then received another degree in Visual Arts in Photography from the University of Maryland, whereupon I worked as an award-winning (five-time ADDY Award winner) advertising photographer for over fifteen years, shooting for clients such as Mobil One, Deutsche Bank, ADT, Prudential Financial, Sylvan Learning, T. Rowe Price, Becton Dickinson, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and DeWalt, to name a few. I spend my free time having fun with my wife, riding my mountain bike at Loch Raven and Patapsco State Park and working on my cars.

Call me today so I can show you my refined approach to helping you find a new home, as well as my inspired and highly successful method for selling your house!

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"Without Mark, we never would have bought a house. He is an extremely skilled real estate agent, an exceptionally generous person, and I am so grateful for all of his work, kindness, and professionalism. I started four years (and 53 house viewings) ago, and Mark has been completely, actively invested the whole time. On those occasions when another buyer would be viewing a property at the same time Read MoreRead Less
"My wife & I hired Mark in the Spring of 2017 to list my mother-in-law’s home. After 40+ years in the house, she (Mom) was no longer in a position to cope with the demands of her garden, general yard maintenance, and home upkeep. At 80 years old, it was simply too much. The house, its setting, and the many neighbors she counted as friends, made the transition to a retirement home a daunting task foRead MoreRead Less
"Mark Lee sold our home in June 2017 and it was only on the market for 1 week. We only have good things to say about our experience with Mark as our real estate agent. Compared to the 2 real estate agents we used in the past, Mark Lee was the best! He is everything you want as a real estate agent: he's professional, experienced, trustworthy, honest, and very knowledgeable about all areas of the homRead MoreRead Less
"Mark is an outstanding agent on all levels. He sincerely cares about helping you find a home you will will truly love as well advice on the soundness of the investment. Mark exhibited tremendous patience helping me find a home with that perfect balance. When my patience was being tested Mark helped me remain positive. His knowledge of the local area, the buying process and what to look for when viRead MoreRead Less
"We were extremely lucky to find a realtor like Mark Lee as both our buyer and sellers agent. He is a multifaceted agent that is extremely detail oriented. As a seller’s agent, he incorporates his personal passion for photography by personally shooting each property and creating the marketing materials. As a buyers agent, be prepared to spend at least an hour or more to view a house with him, as heRead MoreRead Less
"My husband and I started our new home search not too sure of what the outcome would be. Long story short, our saving force a.k.a, Mark Lee was absolutely amazing!!! He was professional, knowledgeable, extremely experienced, dedicated, and honest. There truly isn't a measure of words to describe the BEST qualities of Mark Lee. He made the process so simple it was scary!! My husband and I have neverRead MoreRead Less
"I love working with Mark - he is, hands down, the best realtor you will ever find! I bought my first home with Mark back in 2009. In 2015, when we were ready to upgrade to something bigger, I immediately went back to Mark. We listed our home with Mark and got our first offer within a week for the full asking price! We had other offers on the table as well, and as a result Mark was able to negotiatRead MoreRead Less
"Mark is incredibly patient and knowledgeable. My husband and I used his services to both sell our house and purchase our new home, and he walked us through each step and made sure that we understood our options. He prepared us to sell by telling us how to best present our property, helped us stage our house and took amazing photographs. As a result, we had multiple offers within a very short perioRead MoreRead Less