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Success in any field cannot be obtained in an environment devoid of passion. This is Trent Waite's philosophy and precisely why he has excelled in the field of real estate; it is his passion.

As the President and founder of his own insurance agency and later, as a mortgage consultant, the concepts of impeccable customer service and attentiveness to his clients needs were key to his success as a business owner and to his track-record for consistent client referrals. It is his "above and beyond" approach to meeting and exceeding his clients' expectations to which he attributes his current success.

Combining this passion for what he does with his extensive market knowledge and acquired expertise in customer service and finance creates a seamless and worry-free experience when buying or selling your home with Trent.

Passion for real estate is not limited to selling and buying homes for his clients. Fiercely interested in the Renaissance of Baltimore's neighborhoods, Trent has bought, renovated and sold several homes in the city. His attention to detail and appreciation of the history of these beautiful buildings is evidence by the fact that three of them have been featured in Baltimore City house tours. He is currently restoring his own residence, an 1883 row home in historic Butcher's Hill. Having such a keen interest in the architecture and history of the city for his own purposes, renders Trent an excellent resource for lauding the praises of and educating buyers about what makes your particular home special and worth the investment. Additionally, these attributes facilitate assisting buyers with locating the neighborhoods and particular homes that best suit their lifestyles.

Trent's verve for the community extends past an interest in rehabilitating its historic homes. He's an active member in several community associations and committees dedicated to maintaining cleaner neighborhoods and the beautification of the city through planning parks, planting trees and flowers and improving trash removal. What is perhaps his most dear volunteer project is Believe in Tomorrow- an organization dedicated to housing families with children who are receiving medical care at Johns Hopkins Children's Center-in which he's volunteered for more than ten years.

When he's not throwing himself whole-heartedly into his clients, numerous real estate ventures and charity projects, what keeps Trent balanced is a love of sailing, golf, antique collecting and enjoying the restaurants and scenery of Southeast Baltimore.

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"I can't say enough about how Trent went above and beyond to not only get my home ready to be sold but he truly understands the local market and was spot on with his recommendations including the sale price. His friendly professionalism, knowledge of the market, connections with local vendors like painters, electricians, plumbers, and more was amazing. His "whatever it takes" approach really exceedRead MoreRead Less
"Trent is a consummate real estate professional, having decades of experience on all sides of the property ownership puzzle. He came highly recommended by a knowledgeable local property owner and custom builder, and I was lucky to avail of his expertise."
"As a transplant to Maryland, I had numerous questions early in the process of purchasing my first home, but after I connected with Trent I felt much more sure in my decision-making and certain that he would consult me on every last consideration. He was able to provide specific feedback without being pushy, and was very insightful as I pored over every page of every single document. Beyond the blaRead MoreRead Less
"Not only is Trent technically very good, his passion for local history, architecture, and community shine through. He is a long-time resident of Baltimore and an experienced renovator who quite obviously takes pride in his work. From the big picture to the smallest detail, Trent was available for me. He helped me understand the trends in the current market, and interpret the findings of the home iRead MoreRead Less